There are times in life when change breeds change. These times, like moving, starting a new job, or having a baby, are an excellent time to make healthy improvements and leave bad habits in the dust. So when I became pregnant with my third child, I began making such changes in my life. Here are some things I have quit in the last couple years:

SMOKING:  This is the 4th or 5th time I have quit this disgusting addiction. Once, even for 3 years! I have always started again once I was working with or hanging out with people who smoke. I sincerely hope this is it for me, though! Thank you, Sophia for forcing me to quit!

FAST FOOD/JUNK FOOD:  This wasn’t exactly by choice. I have been dealing with IBS for several years, and fast food and other sugary crap are the worst offenders for my belly. I did enjoy a short respite while pregnant, and indulged a bit on this front, but that was short-lived. Junk is back on the quit list!

DISPOSABLE DIAPERS: I never thought I would have gone this route, but cloth diapering is change I am so proud for undertaking. I am benefiting my baby, my wallet, and the planet! Disposable diapers are made with nasty chemicals and remain in landfills for hundreds of years. Cloth diapers are cute and reusable! Thanks, Anna for showing me this possibility!

SODA/POP/COLA (by any name, it’s still flavored water and corn syrup): One of my most recent quits, and one I have been contemplating for quite some time. My main holdup was in finding a good substitute. I tend to sip my soda all afternoon (only about 1 can),  so I needed to find something else to sip on. Water just doesn’t do it for me. Actually, it was promising until my BPA-free, reusable plastic water bottle grew ickiness in the mouthpiece. EW! I wouldn’t continue buying water in plastic bottles, so what then? My mom suggested iced tea, since she drinks a quart every day. I found a good combination of teas, and have been brewing daily, ever since! Yay for iced tea! Extra points award for it’s ability to taste good hot, warm, or cold, and not go flat!

COFFEE: Coffee has been an off-again, on-again habit for me. I had a feeling that it, or the mass amount of creamer I use, was contributing to my IBS issues. I didn’t drink much: about 2 cups of half-caff a day, but it was hard to quit! I brew up a cup or two of black tea (no creamer necessary) instead, and I am good to go! Tea wins again!!

TOXIC CHEMICALS (Ok, it’s a work in progress):  I explore this topic in The Great Greening. I am attempting to rid my home of chemicals that are toxic and unnecessary. I have made great strides, but have encountered a few road bumps. Make-up, deodorant, dishwasher detergent, and fabric softener are areas in which I am still working on improving. Yay for Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps!

• YELLING (Well, for a day or so): This is also a work in progress. In A Day With No Yelling, I discussed not yelling at my children and otherwise throwing tantrums. I did well for a day or two, but I fell off that wagon. I am working on my temper and patience, and am hopeful for the near future!

One of the tricks to quitting an addiction or bad habit is to change your routine! When something comes along that forces such a change, make the most of it! Don’t just change behaviors, change your mind-set! If I think of myself as a healthy, nature-loving person, it makes something like smoking extremely unattractive.

If I can do it, you can too! What have you quit? What do you want to quit?