I know, I know. EVERYONE has an opinion about this and is saying it. It just so happens that I also have an opinion. To start, the only things I find distasteful about this cover are the detached manner in which breastfeeding is shown (the gal, while on the Today Show, did mention that this is NOT how they feed in real-life – they are much more cuddly), and the article’s title. I have yet to read the article, but I am quite familiar with Dr. Sears, and the premise of attachment parenting has nothing to do with, “we’re better than you.” This is just Time’s way of getting people’s attention. It worked.

So, am I mom enough? In the context of this article (which, like I said, I have not read), I’m pretty close! I believe cloth diapering is mentioned, and I’m proud to say that I’m on board! Never would I have believed that I would have jumped on this bandwagon, but here I am. It is a little time-consuming and, at times, a bit gross, but about diapering ISN’T? I love the fact that, while sparing landfills my child’s bodily waste, wrapped up in an eternal plastic-y wad, I am also saving money! I’m alway looking for ways to “go green,” and who doesn’t love saving cash? Not to mention the fact that I’m keeping chemicals off my child’s behind that go into the absorbent material in disposable diapers.  What IS that crap?? I digress. . .

Cloth Diaper

Sophie, showing off her bumGenius Freetime in their “Sassy” color

Moving on to the subject of attachment parenting. To be very clear, this “movement” is not just for crunchy hippies, it is not new age, and it is not even new. The very fact that this is controversial shows how unaware we are, as a culture, of the other cultures of the world. I’m talking about developed countries, not just primitive tribes. Extended breastfeeding is the norm. Co-sleeping is the norm. Baby-wearing is the norm. Our country is the one that is sick and simply messed up. It disturbs me how quick people are to judge.  I find it telling though, that when I read comments about this cover online, the disapproving ones are generally short and consist of something like, “Thats gross. The kids gunna b messt up,” while the people supporting it give lengthy, articulate, fact-full responses. Hmmm. It is shocking and disturbing to me how hurtful, biased, and positively MEAN some of the comments are. It does comfort me, somewhat, that it seems to be mostly the uneducated who are reacting this way. Those who are more intellectual and worldly, even if they don’t AGREE with the premise, don’t characterize AP parents as freaks; they simply don’t agree. I find nothing wrong with that.

I think, most importantly I want to make clear that there are no “rules” of attachment parenting. Dr. Sears (at least in his books, which I love) is adamant that you don’t have incorporate ALL aspects of AP in order to raise attached kids. There’s no, “do x, y, z, or you’re doing it wrong.” He advises using what works for YOUR family, as long as it’s working.

I’ll elaborate more on my own levels of “attachment” in the very near future. For now, to answer the question, “am I mom enough,” I’ll just say, I’m sure working on it! I hope, if nothing else, this cover and article will open people’s eyes to a different way of parenting. It’s not extreme, it’s not “gross,” and it’s not new. To each their own! Now, I need to go change my baby’s cloth diaper, put her in her sling, and breastfeed the heck out of her! Later!

I can TOTALLY do that, by the way!